General FAQ

How do I export my bank account information and import to Quicken or QuickBooks?

What is my routing and transit number?

How do I activate my new card or set my PIN number?

My debit card was lost or stolen. Who do I contact?

Online Banking

How can I contact Pay It! customer service?

Pay It! will not open when I click on it.

How do I enroll in online bank?

How do I use online bank?

Online bank: I get a message that I have entered an incorrect login ID or security code

Online bank: I am locked out. What do I need to do?

Online Bank: How do I get the app on my phone?


eDeposit: How much can I deposit?

eDeposit: How long before I see my deposit applied?

eDeposit: How do I know that my deposit was received?

eDeposit: Why would a deposit be rejected?