Premier One Money Market

TypeAPY*Minimum Deposit to Earn
Premier One Tier 10.25%$5,000
Premier One Tier 20.25%$20,000
Premier One Tier 30.45%$30,000
Premier One Tier 40.50%$50,000


IRA and Money Market Rates

TypeAPY*Minimum Deposit to Earn
IRA Money Fund 0.25% $5.00
IRA/Jumbo Money Fund0.30%$100,000
Money Market Tier 1 0.20% $2,500
Money Market Tier 2 0.20% $25,000
Money Market Tier 3 0.25% $125,000
Money Market Tier 4 0.35% $250,000


Effective January 8, 2021

*APY-Annual Percentage Yield.

Premier One Money Market Accounts are available only to members with Premier One Checking Accounts. If the Premier One checking account is closed or changed to a different checking account type, the Premier One Money Market account will be changed to a standard Money Market account.