Curt Coffman Retiring

February 18, 2015 3:49 pm

In late 2014 Curt Coffman, President of Energy One, advised the Board of Directors of his intent to retire. His last day will be March 31st, 2015. Where does one start in trying to condense the accomplishments of a career that spans more than three decades? The Greeks made a big deal of distinguishing between chronos (time) and kairos (the passage of time); maybe we should look at both.

Curt began his career as President in 1983 when we were known as Tulsa Cities Service Federal Credit Union and we had one office located in downtown Tulsa. At this time, the newest service we offered was share draft (checking) accounts.

Over the years our credit union steadily grew. We focused on the best way to serve a membership that had become geographically diverse. The distance between our members posed a challenge but Curt’s focus was simple: “Serve the needs of our membership no matter where they might be.” In March 1988 the credit union began a series of visits to company locations in Oklahoma City. These trips led to other locations in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Soon, advisory committees were established in out-of-town locations to improve services and communication to members and potential members. These visits led to branches in Dallas, Houston, Bakersfield, and Los Angeles.

Locations were important but would not be enough to sustain the growth and survival of any financial institution through the 1990’s into the 2000’s. These were turbulent times and surviving meant adjusting to an ever changing financial landscape. With Curt’s leadership, Energy One was able to adjust to change by making sure our credit union had the products and services we needed to survive. Under his leadership we began offering first mortgage loans, home equity lines of credit, money market accounts, debit cards, and banking by phone. In 1999 the credit union Sailed into the New Millennium by being recognized as a credit union top 100 performer in the delivery of electronic services. The electronic age provided a number of new products and services including home banking, bill payment, and e-deposits.

Locations were in place. Products and services were in place. Was this enough though? Staying up-to-date in technology is important. Locations to provide services are important. More so, it takes people- the right people. If you look at the longevity of the credit union staff, you can see Curt selected the right people. He selected a staff that was dedicated to serving the membership. Employees were hired and they stayed- not because of large salaries but because they learned there was more to a job than a paycheck. Curt taught employees his secret, serving the needs of the membership is rewarding and it is simple.

Curt, as you approach your retirement date we hope you can look at chronos and kairos and smile at the accomplishments of your 31 plus years of service.


Energy One Federal Credit Union

Please join us in celebrating Curt’s 31 years! If you cannot make the retirement party, please send your kind words either by card to 6100 S Yale Ave, Suite 100, Tulsa OK 74136 or by e-mail to