New Online Bank Services Update

August 31, 2012 3:33 pm
Service Details
pay it

Released March 1, 2010
Receive your monthly bills electronically in one location, safely and securely with Pay it!. The system will notify you when your statement arrives. Just log in, review your statement, and then Pay it! — all in one simple secure process. Select the date you want the bill paid and it will be paid on that day.

zash pay Released December 9, 2010
Send money to or receive money from anyone you know. Since it’s part of Pay it!, all you need is the person’s e-mail address or mobile phone number.
Online Bank

Upgrade Released July 26, 2011
The Online Bank upgrade added several customizable features. Members can customize their views, choosing between two- or three-column layouts and moving, deleting and adding boxes of content to suit their needs. Members also have the capability to print screens. Just look for the print symbol in the upper right-hand corner of each window.


Released August 2011
Account to Account Transfers Transfer funds to or from virtually any financial institution. This allows members to move money between Energy One and any other account at any institution whether it is a brokerage, bank, or credit union account. A2A offers safe, secure, and efficient transfers, and could be used in the place of wires.


Anticipated Release – May 2012
UPDATE: We are currently testing this product.
eDeposit allows members to deposit checks electronically into their account using their home scanner and eliminates the need to visit a branch or mail checks to the credit union. eDeposit reduces the risk of check fraud and is fully secure, utilizing the highest level of security available.

eDeposit Mobile

Anticipated Release – May 2012
eDeposit mobile is a mobile remote deposit capture solution for Energy One members, allowing them to make deposits from anywhere. Using their mobile camera on their smartphone, members can send secure digital images of checks for deposit into their account. The app will be available for smartphones using iPhone, Android, and Blackberry operating systems.

Online Bank Mobile

Anticipated Release – May 2012
A free Online Bank app. Members can view current balance, transaction history, transfer money between accounts, and pay bills. The app will be available for smartphones using iPhone, Android, and Blackberry operating systems. A text-based format for flip phones will be available as well.